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Dr. Phyllis Pelzer "Empowerment Mentor" was born in the small town of Waterboro, South Carolina, close to the bustling city of Charleston is an ordained minister. She earned a Doctorate Degree of Theology from Anchor Theological Seminary and Bible Institute and attended satellite campus at the New Greater Bethel Bible Institute.  She has worked in the Behavioral Health field for over 20 years. In her secular career she has experience as a New York State Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor and Group Facilitator. She lives today in New York City.

Phyllis lives to help others and she quickly established that using as many different platforms as possible was the best way to achieve the widest audience for her work.

Her first book, You Have To Walk It Out, was published by Trafford Publishing in 2007, and she currently has three Mini E-books on Amazon Kindle - …And There Was A PAUSE and Empowering You for Life (with versions for both men and women).

She is also author and host of her weekly Butterfly Podcast in which she uses her commission by God to promote inspired messages of Hope for daily living.

You can access Dr. Phyllis Pelzer’s books on Amazon or find her podcast on Anchor, Apple, Spotify, your favorite podcast platform or at

Dr. Pelzer serves God with a love that is beyond bounds and in appreciation and humility of God’s love, grace and mercy. All she wants for you is that you are all that God has predestined you to be. 


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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