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30 Day Devotional Journal on Divine Transformation (EBook)

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Do you face challenging circumstances in your life?

Are you aware that these challenges do not dictate your life outcome?

Are you ready to allow God to divinely transform your life?

We all face challenges in our daily lives. Some are small, while others are great and feel like they may overwhelm us. In moments such as these we should always remind ourselves that God put us on earth for a reason and He already has a predetermined plan waiting for us.

In simple terms it means that with His help we can overcome every challenge we face and with the 30 Day Devotional Journal on Divine Transformation, we can achieve our goals by:

* Understanding God’s plan

* Engaging in daily scripture reading

* Practicing meditation

* The power of prayer

* Journaling of your personal reflections

* Achieving spiritual development

* And more…

If you want to be all that God has destined you to be, you have to be divinely transformed and this 30 Day Devotional Journal on Divine Transformation is the perfect place to start.

Value will be added to your life through personal reflections, spiritual development and inner self-support.

With it and God’s guiding hands you can not only change some aspects of your life but transform it completely.

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30 Day Devotional Journal on Divine Transformation (EBook)

2 ratings
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