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90 Day Divine Transformation Gratitude Lyfestyle Journal

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Are you a Christian who is grateful for what they have every day?

Has your life been transformed by God?

If you have had a life that was transformed by a renewed relationship with God, perhaps due to reading the companion book to this one, 30 Day Devotional Journal on Divine Transformation, then you may feel the need to have something where you can continue with that work and express your thanks each day.

With The 90 Day Divine Transformation Gratitude Lifestyle Journal you can do just that, with pages that provide you with space for:

 Expressing gratitude for the things you have

 Writing down hopes and dreams

 A place to have conversations with God

 A space for prayer to be observed

 Continued development in your spirituality

 Changing your life for the better

 And more…

Your Divine Transformation journey is always in motion and can always be improved and added to as you continue through life and face its daily challenges.

This gratitude journal aims to intentionally improve your relationship with God by allowing you to grow in your spirituality and find a route to habitually communicate expressions of gratitude directly to Him. The results, when you see them, will amaze you.

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Book Release Date: August 1st, 2021 @ 12 p.m. EST

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90 Day Divine Transformation Gratitude Lyfestyle Journal

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